Ad Hoc

Customized projects

Key-Stone is available to develop ad hoc surveys investigating different segments and markets, in several geographical areas, with all kind of methodology according to the client's needs.


Key-Stone, following the requests from its clients, is able to develop quantitative researches with tactical and strategic aims. The interpretation and analysis of the results are also provided.

The used methodology allows Key-Stone to approach different fields and market segments.

In particular, a specific know how in some niches/segments (medical, dental, cosmetics, publishing, civil and industrial plant design, mechanics, automotive) has been developed, both in Italy and abroad.

The used methodologies are the most suitable ones, according to the goals of the research, and they can be explained as follows.






The qualitative approach is complementary to the quantitative approach.

Key-Stone, in response to its customers needs, is able to design tactic and strategic qualitative studies, together with the interpretation and the analysis of the results.

The qualitative research promotes the analysis and the deepening of attitudes, opinions and languages of the different targets, by mean of an approach that analyze the psychological and emotional aspects of the customers behavior.

By studying small samples, the qualitative research allows the investigation of not well known phenomena and emotional aspects and perceptions.


It allows to better explore latent emotional/psychological elements otherwise difficult to verbalize. It is particularly suggested when dealing with difficult targets or delicate topics.


It focuses the attention and discussion of a group of people on a specific topic; its goal is to reveal knowledge, believes and motivations which lay under attitudes and behaviors associated to that topic.

Integrated analysis

Ad hoc projects can be created also crossing different methods, depending on the companies’ interests or needs. Integrating different research approaches – quantitative, qualitative, descriptive, desk methods - provides a better understanding of the issues than either of each alone.

Integrated analysis can be also generated crossing different kind of data from various Dental Monitor pre-existing researches. The reports could incorporate comprehensive research statistics of all aspects of a market. In-depth studies integrated with market analysis data of the key players, leading market segments and latest market trends, in a specific geographical area or focused on a particular market segment.

Customer experience & satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and experience with the brand in every contact point are critical to build a robust Loyalty. So it is necessary to understand whether customer experience is positive and where it could be ameliorate.
Customer satisfaction and experience surveys allow to answer these questions and to identify the key factors in order to improve processes, services and products.

Starting from the target profile (lost and competitors customers), customer experience/satisfaction link to rational issues or emotional issues, or both.

Analyzing actual and historical penetration, numerical or weighted distribution, market share, etc. we build the relevance assessments and we involve the rational area. Analyzing the image perception, awareness, mental associations, etc. we build the reputation assessments and we involve the emotional area. This, allows to receive valid and differentiated knowledge about brand equity in absolute and in relation to competitors.

Trade analysis & mystery shopping

A trade analysis consists in analyzing sales network performances and distribution channels, with the aim to improve appropriate instruments of rearrangements and to boost the trade performance.

Mystery shopping is used for quality control, training and incentive purposes. Through given guidelines, mystery shoppers anonymously collect data and evaluate product quality, customer service, operations, merchandising etc.

It is a methodology that studies the sales network of the company and the goal is to measure and improve the quality of service provided to the clients.

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