The dental monitor approach

Data Sources
Each of these market players own different specific information which allows the development of different market research studies:

The combination of the Dental Monitor researches allows to describe and evaluate the entire dental market in qualitative and quantitative ways: market volume and value at sell-in or at retail prices, users habits and behaviors, evaluation of segments, size and trends by products families or channels, market share, opportunities and threats, in general and for specific segments.


Each Dental Monitor research can be used both separately or combined with other Dental Monitor researches, depending on the companies interests or needs. The 360° overview on the market is reached thanks to the complexity of the Dental Monitor system, which has the plus of being able to solve the gaps of each individual research.

+ Macro-region overview evaluating size and trends of product families and countries.

- Analysis only at turnover level; no local brands involved.

+ A Descriptive analysis in the local countries identified by the Fast Track research; international and local brands penetration; market maturity and trends.

- Limited evaluation of the market size and shares.

+ An effective evaluation of the Sell-out market and shares by family for a given country.

- High start-up time and costs; a representative number of dealers is required.