Market research and strategic consulting since 1996.

DentalMonitor is a division of Key-Stone, which helps companies and organizations in understanding and developing their business, through the work of its market analysis experts and products specialists.



Understanding and listening to the market

  • Integrated marketing research
  • Scenario analysis and field studies
  • Quantitative research
  • Qualitative analysis and focus groups



Analysis and business conceiving

  • In-depth strategic analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis (KPI modelling)
  • New business support
  • Target segmentation and profiling

A leading company providing market intelligence to dental players.

Able to develop its strategic thinking in line with the changes of the market and its customers needs, Key-Stone has been constantly moving towards a specialization on specific market segments and a verticalization on the dental sector. 

The Research division conceived unique and exclusive analysis models thus becoming a leading Research Institution in the European dental sector. Currently in development into Latin America, Asia and Pacific area.
Key-Stone strategic skills are a crucial support to the business development of its customers.

Qualified in HEALTH & BEAUTY - Unique in the DENTAL SECTOR
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